Case Study: Testing A Lotto Template Using Live Lottery Results

this text explains a simple technique for growing a lotto template: viewing current consequences and figuring out styles.

we’ll use a real life lottery, New Zealand lotto which is a trendy 6 by using 40 ball game in which you win by drawing the balls in any order. There are three,838,380 feasible combinations, so your chances of prevailing are 1 in 3.eight million.

The same pattern popularity method can be used for any lottery.

latest consequences of recent Zealand Lotto

As a place to begin, let’s don’t forget the most recent end result:


at first glance, it doesn’t look there are any styles we will use. however permit’s have a more in-depth look.

there may be an same quantity of bizarre or even numbers
two high numbers

A brief look would possibly recommend a easy device of an equal amount of atypical or even numbers, which includes top numbers.

let’s take a look at a few more effects





In three of the ultimate four outcomes there had been at least top numbers, which means eighty% of new results had at least 2 primes.

we’re going to construct a lotto template based on the following parameters:

two primes in every line
An identical amount of strange and even numbers

each mixture needs to be inside the following layout:


For this situation, we’ll forget about 2 as a high variety.

lowering The feasible Lotto combos

The aim of a template is to reduce your overall mixtures to a level until you can both make investments within the strains yourself or create a lotto organization or syndicate.

we will calculate the mixtures using the Excel method referred to as “combin”.

to apply the “combin” components, simply kind =combin(n,k) into an empty cellular. in which “n” is the population length and the “ok” the group amount.

2 primes: sixty six combinations

1 atypical wide variety: eight

3 even numbers: 1140

although the ones numbers appear small, we want to multiply each set of numbers to get the entire.

general= 66 x eight x 1140


The parent of 902,880 is certainly a massive one, but increases our odds extensively over the 1 in three.8 million odds we started with.

here’s the good news: we can lessen the numbers further by using eliminating unlikely situations within each set of mixtures. permit’s attempt a few quality tuning.

Primes: 9
Odds: 7
Even numbers:15

The scenario above reduces the combos right down to 114,660 which is a great range for crowd sourcing or a lotto syndicate.

Examples of lowering the combos would possibly include:

putting off lines containing even numbers in a single decile

Ignoring some of the low primes

searching at warm and bloodless numbers


this newsletter has used a few real lotto effects to create a template machine.